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My name is Tsuyoshi "Yoshi" Tagawa. I am a freelance photographer in Osaka, Japan.

I speak Japanese and English and have many work experiences with customers from abroad.
Since I am native Japanese speaker, I am able to communicate well with locals including governments.
I listen to the clients needs carefully and work very hard to create images in their favor so they are very happy to work with me and keep coming back  Please feel free to contact me.


For more 360 sample, visit :

Below is list of clients who use my photography.

360 Panorama:
Equinix, Prologis,

Travel: (official photographer), Expedia, agoda

Food :
Uber Eats, DiDi, foodpanda

The Japan Times,  JCB publishing

Google Street View:
Hotel Nikko, Mitsui Garden Hotel

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